Service and Amenities

Complimentary Breakfast:

Full Country Breakfast is served at around 9:00 AM. People love our TierraLinda Eggs, which are Eggs with Latin flavors!

Complimentary Drinks:

While you stay with us, we will offer you complimentary beer (Red Dog, Ice House, MGD), complimentary wine (Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay) and also OJ, lemonade and Coca-Cola

Private Beach:

The only sandy beach in Galena! Totally private


If raining or snowing, please park in front of the white garage on Rocky Hill Road. At other times, please park in the side of the Grey Metal Building; please do not pass the falling small Red Barn on the right.

French and Spanish Mini-Classes:

In exchange for a glass of your favorite red wine, I will give you a private lesson of French or Spanish. Salud et Santé.

Tierra Linda
826 South Rocky Hill Rd
Galena, Illinois 61036
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