Property Description

Located five miles South of Galena, Illinois, peaceful TierraLinda is nestled within the beautiful rolling hills of Jo Daviess County. After an extensive renovation, today the century-old farm house has two guestrooms with private baths.

TierraLinda has a sandy beach, a magic forest and a beautiful pond with Tortuga Island and waterfalls. We do not watch Tele-Vision in TierraLinda, we watch Tierra-Vision. We get the maximum of what Nature has to offer: birds, frogs, coyotes, butterflies, dragonflies, deer, rabbits, toads, fish, moles, wild turkeys, morels, dancing grasses, wild flowers, bedding grasses, thunderstorms, colorful weeds (and not so colorful ones), etc., etc. We usually sit by a bonfire to watch the stars, the moon and the meteors. We listen to frog and bird songs and once a year, just around Independence day, we are invaded and surrounded by the surreal Luminaires (called fire-flies or lightning bugs by the unromantic). TierraLinda is Nature with an Accent.

TierraLinda was created on October 27, 1996 on 11 acres of an old Midwestern farm. The farmhouse was built around 1870′s and the interior was fully renovated in 1997. On the second floor of the farmhouse there are two lovely guestrooms with private baths.

TierraLinda is located on the beautiful Rocky Hill Road about five miles South of Galena. TierraLinda is not very visible from the road since we do little cosmetic surgery to the looks of Nature. In 2004 we decided to mow the minimum to see what happened …So far the grasses are plenty and tall, lots of birds and wildlife, we can hardly see the road in front of us and once in TierraLinda you do not see any neighbors! The most of natural beauty and peacefulness is what you will get from us. TierraLinda does not look like a groomed Country Club or a golf course, our neighbors do.

What’s New?

Morels are coming, morels came and hurry up before the Morels are gone!

Bonfires! If you like to look at clear skies sitting by a bonfire, now is the time to come to TierraLinda.

Tierra Linda
826 South Rocky Hill Rd
Galena, Illinois 61036
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